It is believed that the study of early copper use will significantly increase our understanding of human development.

Collect and archive historical documents and research material relating to prehistoric, mining, crafting, trading and use of copper.

Build and curate a repository for artifacts relating to copper use and copper research.

Provide library services and materials pertaining to early utilization of copper and copper research.

Furnish a museum for public display of copper and copper related artifacts, for research, and to increase interest in prehistoric use of copper.

Advance the study of early copper related subject matters by providing facilities, literature, artifacts and scholarships to students for the study of copper related topics. Make grants to universities and individuals to complete carbon testing and other costly procedures relating to the advancement of knowledge about early copper use.

Train and provide public speakers on the subjects of early copper mining, craftsmanship, trade and use.

Engage in all other tasks to advance knowledge about the early use of copper in man's history.