I find myself answering questions over and over. One of the most common concerns how I value copper artifacts. I have, therefore, prepared a ready answer on how copper artifacts are valued. (see Copper Artifact Value) If you find this information of value, please consider it a gift from Great Lakes Copper Research.


It is also important to point out that the value of copper is not static. What you purchase today and pieces appraised in 2006, may cost a great deal more to replace three years hence. I sincerely hope you have a good archival system, have physically protected your collection, have it authenticated, appraised and insured at replacement value.


Finally, if we have appraised your copper, we will for a period of ten years, help you out with an up to date appraisal on replacement costs if you are so unfortunate as to have one or more pieces lost or stolen. This help will be free for a period of ten years starting with the date of appraisal. This offer is conditioned on my being here in ten years (I am going on age 75) and upon having records to update your appraisal. This offer is restricted to lost, stolen or damaged copper appraised by Great Lakes Copper Research.


Sincerely Yours,  


Don Spohn Ph. D.