Geographic Location                                                   Manufacture             Date B.C.

McCreary Point West Manitoba  (Steinbring 1968)                          

(Hlady, 1970) Generalized Agate Basin                      CH)                             8000

Egypt                                                                           (CH)                            7000

Anatolia (headwaters of the Tigris)                              (CH)                            6500

Iraq (North West)                                                       (CH)                            6000

Keweenaw 29EK20 Hammered Copper Fragment                                         

Associated with charcoal (Martin 1993                       (CH)                            5870

Mesopotamia (North)                                                  (CH)                            5000

South Fouler Lake (Great Lakes Area Martin 1999)   (CH)                            4800

Euphrates Valley                                                                     (C)                   4300

Europe (East Balkans) & Danube Valley                    (CH)    (C)                   4300

Lake Superior (Keweenaw. Isle Royal)*                     (CH)                            4000

Phoenicia and Palestine                                                           (C)                   3500

Indian Sub-continent                                                               (C)                   3500

Sumer                                                                                      (C)                   3100

Europe (Iberia)                                                                        (C)                   2400

Vilhjalmur Stefansson Presents primitive copper

Working Copper Inuit to the world                             (CH)                            1910 AD


CH = Cold hammered   C = Cast in a mold



In The US, carbon dates (BP) are converted to BC dates.


Old World dates come from Grahame Clark, 1989, World History in perspective.


Steinbring, Jack - Manitoba Archaeological News Letter 5(1-2)

Hlady, Walter - Ten Thousand years of Archaeology in Manitoba 1970: 55)

Martin, Susan Š Wonderful Power, 1999 


Note: Not all dates are accepted by all people and most dates are subject to change with further evidence.