Most services are free, except for, minor incurred expenses. If you ship an artifact to us for identification or authentication, for example, you must pay the postage and insurance both ways. If we travel to provide a service, you will pay actual travel expenses. COAs are $35.00 for collectors.

  1. We answer questions for students, archaeologists, collectors, researchers, and others. Questions & answers, Services

  2. We can refer you to books and journals on prehistoric copper. Sources of Knowledge About Copper

  3. We can provide research conducted by Great Lakes Copper Research and we can refer you to research conducted by others. Sources of Knowledge

  4. We assist in the identification of individual copper artifacts. Questions, Contact Us

  5. We can provide pictures of authentic copper artifacts. Photos

  6. We authenticate copper artifacts. COAs, Questions , E mail Us

  7. We can provide lectures to schools and other institutions. Services, eMail us .

  8. We provide some links to other copper related websites. Links

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