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Great Lakes Copper was founded in 1999 and is registered with the State of Michigan


Our research mission is to enhance the reservoir of knowledge and understanding about man's early use of copper. We wish to know all we can about his activities and belief systems involving ancient prospecting, mining, trading, crafting, and use of copper; firstly in the Great Lakes area, secondly in the Americas, and finally in the world.

In pursuit of this knowledge, Great Lakes Copper Research will:

1. Collect and archive historical documents and research material relating to prehistoric use of copper.

2. Furnish library services and materials pertaining to the early utilization of copper.

3. Equip a museum for public display of copper and copper related artifacts to increase the awareness of, knowledge about and interest in man's early use of copper.

4. Advance the study of early copper and related subject matters by providing facilities and scholarships to students for the study of copper related topics. Make grants to universities and individuals to complete carbon testing and other costly procedures relating to the expansion of knowledge about early copper use.

5. Train and provide public speakers on the subjects of early copper mining, manufacturing and use.

6. Analyze and authenticate copper artifacts for non-profit institutions (without fee).

7. Engage in research and all other tasks to advance knowledge about the early use of copper in man's history.

We believe the study of primeval copper use will significantly increase our understanding of early human development.

Founder and Director

Don Spohn Ph.D.

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